Socks and underwear needed!

Every year the PTO uses some of the funds that you help to raise in order to make sure the nurse’s office is well-stocked with gloves when the winter season comes around.  Gloves get wet, they get forgotten, they get lost, and we want to make sure that those wonderful little fingers stay warm, and that those wiggly bodies get to go outside and move!

This year, Nurse Janis Oliker mentioned that she is running low on socks and undies which are also needed for similar reasons.

If anybody is willing and able to donate some socks or undies to this cause, please bring them directly to the nurse’s office when you can.  All items must be new and still in their package, and are needed in all kids sizes.

We will check back in with Nurse Oliker and fill in any remaining gaps in a week or so.



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