Box Tops Summer Prizes

We distributed prizes for summer box tops collection last week.  Students who submitted any box tops at all received a spirit stick, and students who submitted 50 or more received a notepad and pencil.  A big thank you to all!

If you or somebody you know submitted over 50 box tops but your student did not receive the appropriate prizes, please email us and we will correct the error:

Finally, please don’t forget to keep clipping those box tops.  There is a spring submission as well.  Help us beat our goal!

Four Corners PTO Meeting Agenda for Wednesday 12/5 @3:15 in the school Library

We have PTO meeting coming up next week at 3:15PM on Wednesday, December 5.  Please join us if you have thoughts, comments, things you think we can or should be doing better.  We want to hear it all and we will make room in the agenda for you.

Next week’s agenda is posted here: Meetings

Note: we will not be having a meeting in January, so this is the last official meeting until February.


PTO Meeting Agenda for 11/7 in the Four Corners Library

The November PTO meeting is coming up this week on Wednesday 10/7 from 6 – 7PM.  We want to hear your ideas about what we can or should be doing, and we hope you can join us!

Our agenda for this week is posted here: Meetings.

If you cannot join us in person, please feel free to email your thoughts ahead of the meeting so that we can pass them along to the group and send notes back to you.  Our email address is


Now here is some cuteness.