Primary Fundraiser

Discovery School at Four Corners Families: Welcome to the best, easiest fundraiser ever! Shop Primary’s premium colorful basics for kids without logos, slogans or sequins while earning money for our school! (Told you it was easy.) Use our school’s unique link every time you shop: and 10% of that sale goes directly back to our school.  Cha-ching! Plus, new customers get 20% off their first order with code: DISCOVERY. If you have any questionscontact us!

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Fourth Grade Step Up Day

The library is all set up and ready for our Fourth Graders to step up!  It is bittersweet to watch our kids grow and move through the stages of their lives.  We want them to stay young and innocent forever.  We want them to play, learn, and be nurtured as they are at Four Corners forever.  But, we also want them to blossom and soar to new and even greater things. We are proud of all they have achieved, and we know/hope/pray that they  will continue to have the same level of amazing support that they have had in achieving even more.

Our Fourth Graders will be missed, but we can all feel good knowing that they have a nurturing and solid foundation at Four Corners to carry with them to their nexts steps and every step after that! May they step up knowing that their whole community is behind them and we have their backs as they go on to do great things!


You all have had a part in making this day feel special.  The chairs you see in the picture here were purchased with money raised by the PTO.  Without these chairs, the library would be filled with chairs from around the building, and classrooms disrupted.  Another reason to feel proud!


PTO Meeting tomorrow 6/6 at 3:15

Our final PTO meeting of the year is tomorrow 6/6 at 3:15 in the Four Corners Library.  We hope you can come!  Kids are welcome as always. Please see the agenda here: PTO Agenda June 2018.

As a part of the meeting, we will be holding elections for next year’s officers.  The positions of Secretary and VP so far have nobody running, and other positions can certainly be contested.  We hope you will consider running. We are a pretty fun and forgiving group of volunteers and we would love to have you join! Descriptions of PTO roles that went home in folders are here: PTO Officer Descriptions


PTO Election 6/6 @ 3:15


Friends, We have one more PTO meeting left. 6/6 and 3:15 in the Four Corners library

This meeting will include elections for next year’s officers, as well as discussions about how to improve upon what we are doing as we conclude one year and move on to the next.  Please come and add your voice or add your name in the hat!

Currently we have folks running for the President, Treasurer, and At-Large positions.  That leaves VP and Secretary open for the taking, and any of the aforementioned can, of course, be contested.

If you are interested in becoming and officer, please get in touch if you want to chat, or just come to the meeting and throw your name in the hat!

It is incredibly rewarding to work on something that affects our kids so directly and we hope you will consider it!