Tag sale opportunity

Now through March, on the first Saturday of every month, the Greenfield Winter Farmers’ Market happens in the gym at Four Corners from 10-1. During that time (except in February), we have been offered the cafeteria as a place to hold a DSFC families’ group tag sale. The Winter Farmers’ Market brings in a stream of shoppers from the community that we can benefit from and hopefully our personal and school promotions would bring some shoppers to the Farmers’ Market.

[Important update: There will be no Family Tag Sale February 3, because the Farmers’ Market will be using the cafeteria that day as well as the gym.  Available dates are December 2, January 6, and March 3.]

If you are interested, reserving each table would cost $15. You could reserve one or a few. There will be 7 total tables.

You would be responsible for bringing your stuff in and bringing out anything you don’t sell. We have been asked not to sell anything that would compete with the Farmers’ Market, such as baked goods or coffee.

We will be posting a poll on our Facebook page with the available dates and would appreciate if you could respond to show interest through the poll or through one of the many ways to get in touch. Contact Us

The first date is Dec 2!

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