Summer Box Tops

Please remember when submitting your box tops to put your student’s name and the name of their teacher in the bag or on the paper you submit.  Box tops can go in in folders, and there is also a collection box in the library by the door to the cafeteria. Students who submit box topsContinue reading “Summer Box Tops”

Preview of the Produce Sale Tomorrow

Some of you have asked for a list of what produce we will have at the sale. Here is what we know today! This is subject to small changes, but will give you the gist! Bananas Apples Red Grapes Green Grapes Strawberries Blueberries Raspberries Potatoes Celery Carrots Broccoli Cauliflower Turnip Butternut Squash Yellow Squash ClementinesContinue reading “Preview of the Produce Sale Tomorrow”

Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards registration is open!

If you shop at Stop & Shop even once in a while, please consider getting a Stop & Shop card and account and selecting the Discover School at Four Corners to support.  A percentage of all qualifying purchases will go directly to our school.  It’s hard to go wrong! There is more information here: reading “Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards registration is open!”

Earn money for our school when you buy essential kids clothes!

A cool wind is blowing in and it’s time to start thinking long sleeves and pants.  Shop Primary with our school’s unique link: and 15% of that sale goes directly back to our school as long as you place your order before October!  (After October, we still get 10%!) Plus new customers get 20% offContinue reading “Earn money for our school when you buy essential kids clothes!”