All School PTO Announcements

For those of you who could not make it to the All School meeting this morning, here is a recap of the morning’s PTO announcements:

  1. Box tops: Box tops need to be submitted by mid-October.  There is a box for them in the Library by the doors to the cafeteria, or they can be sent in in folders. Please include student names and classroom teacher name so that we can appropriately thank them.  If you have more than one student in the school, both names can go on one submission.
  2. Summer Reading Lists: Please submit reading lists by October 1.  Any summer reading list will do.  These can be sent in with folders.  Each student with a summer reading list will receive a book to bring home!
  3. Fall Fundraiser: Our first fundraiser will be fall bulbs.  order forms will go out in the coming weeks, with a goal to have those bulbs to families and friends by the end of October.
  4. Primary: Don’t forget to take advantage of our fall spirit sale.  More info here.
  5. PTO Presents: Every 3rd Friday, the PTO sponsors enrichment programming for the entire school.  (Last year it was known as Fun Friday).  Out first event will be Tom Riccardi and his Birds of Prey!
  6. Meetings:  All this gets decided at PTO meetings which are held the first Wednesday of every month.  The schedule is posted here.  We hope you can join us!

If you managed to read all of this.  Thank you!  Here is a picture of a kitten:



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