February Fun Friday

Tomorrow (Friday) is PJ day and also Fun Friday! February’s Fun Friday will beBim Bam with Tom and Laurie Spanish language primer; an interactive program of music and movement.Tom Carroll and Laurie Davidson are wildly entertaining, slipping seamlessly between song and movement, puppet play, and Spanish language arts.  Laurie draws on her background as a bilingual teacher and director of Mucho Gusto Spanish to create a dynamic duo with guitarist Tom Carroll.  Their repertoire includes traditional and original songs that maximize audience participation and highlight Spanish vocabulary around family, animals, counting, greetings, parts of the body, and of course, their Rainbow Macarena, all mixed with a good dose of silliness.  The program encourages participation through catchy melodies, simple phrases, and movement.  BimBam’s virtuosic playing, extensive repertoire, and deep bag of tricks, combined with an intuitive grasp of their audience, leaves kids and grownups alike breathless with laughter and clamoring for more.

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