Holiday Wreath Fundraiser

When we asked you at the end of last year which fundraisers you would like to see us do this year, one of the most popular responses was holiday wreaths.

You also asked that we space out fundraisers as much as possible because none of us have cash lying around to buy this and that.  A bunch of fundraisers at once means that our funds are spread thinner.

So, you might be asking yourselves, why this wreath fundraiser is coming home at the same time as the Original Works fundraiser.  The answer is twofold:

  1. The holidays.  The Art Department wants to do the Original Works fundraiser in time for the holidays because Original Works make great gifts!  Wreaths, well, that timing maybe goes without saying.
  2. The fundraisers benefit different parts of the school.  All the proceeds from Original Works go directly to the Art Department.  Proceeds from the wreaths go to support the PTO (Fun Fridays, teacher reimbursements, field trips, etc.)

We will strive for a more spaced out schedule for the rest of the year.  And if you can only support one of these fundraisers, then hopefully this will help you decide based on where you want your funds to go.

Thanks for being an awesome community!

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