Box Tops Changes afoot

The Box Top system is going digital.  You can read about it and get the app here: or here:


  • You can start using the app right away either to:
    • Scan products that have already switched over
    • Or to “double dip” (we will earn for the scanning and for the clipped box top)
  • You will still see box tops on see products, please continue to clip and send in before the expiration date

**If you have grandparents who clip boxtops for us, please consider helping them to get the app on their phone next time you see them


Raising Race Conscious Kids

Some of us from the Four Corners (and larger Greenfield) community gathered last week to begin a discussion about raising our children to be race-conscious.  We spent some time getting to know each other, and talking about what brought us there followed by an open discussion around race issues within our community, race issues our kids are facing, and how we can best support our kids and community.

Many folks signed up to have a continuing conversation, and we are working on scheduling a first follow-up for the end of May (including snacks, and hopefully childcare again).

In the meantime, Eve and Lamar shared a page of links to resources that they recommend as reading on this topic.  This was handed out at the gathering, and I am sharing again here for those of you who are interested but could not make it out.

Raising Race Conscious Kids DSFC resources

Thank you to those of you who could make it out to add to our multi-faceted and vibrant discussion.  And thank you to those of you who could not make it, but who can follow along with reading and online discussions.  You are all making a difference!

Crayola ColorCycle

Have you heard about ColorCycle?  Crayola will recycle our used up markers.  All we have to do is collect them and ship them off to Crayola (at Crayola’s expense).

Our school has participated in this program for years.  And, now we have a fancy new collection bin, created by Mr. Toomey, to highlight our participation, make it fun, and help teach students about the benefits of recycling!

Thank you, Mr. Toomey!


Box Tops Summer Prizes

We distributed prizes for summer box tops collection last week.  Students who submitted any box tops at all received a spirit stick, and students who submitted 50 or more received a notepad and pencil.  A big thank you to all!

If you or somebody you know submitted over 50 box tops but your student did not receive the appropriate prizes, please email us and we will correct the error:

Finally, please don’t forget to keep clipping those box tops.  There is a spring submission as well.  Help us beat our goal!