Four Corners PTO Meeting Agenda for Wednesday 12/5 @3:15 in the school Library

We have PTO meeting coming up next week at 3:15PM on Wednesday, December 5.  Please join us if you have thoughts, comments, things you think we can or should be doing better.  We want to hear it all and we will make room in the agenda for you.

Next week’s agenda is posted here: Meetings

Note: we will not be having a meeting in January, so this is the last official meeting until February.


PTO Meeting Agenda for 11/7 in the Four Corners Library

The November PTO meeting is coming up this week on Wednesday 10/7 from 6 – 7PM.  We want to hear your ideas about what we can or should be doing, and we hope you can join us!

Our agenda for this week is posted here: Meetings.

If you cannot join us in person, please feel free to email your thoughts ahead of the meeting so that we can pass them along to the group and send notes back to you.  Our email address is


Now here is some cuteness.


January PTO Meeting Cancelled

Before you head off for the holidays, we wanted to let you know that the January PTO meeting has been cancelled.

It was scheduled for the Wednesday we return from the Holiday Break, and we thought that a 6pm meeting would probably not be popular on that day.   We voted at the last meeting on whether to reschedule or cancel, and it was unanimous that we should skip January and reconvene on February 7.

The meeting schedule, agendas, and notes, are always posted here: Meetings

Four Corners PTO Meeting tomorrow! 10/4 at 3:15

Please join us for our PTO meeting in the Library of the school on October 4 at 3:15.  The Agenda is posted on our new website here: We promise to keep the meeting to an hour!

We unfortunately will not be able to provide childcare though we are working on it for future meetings.  That said, if your kids want to play or read in the library while we meet, we have seen that be done successfully before and they are more than welcome.

If you can’t make it, then please have a look at the Agenda and let us know if you have input or ideas on the topics we will be discussing!