PTO Meeting tomorrow 6/6 at 3:15

Our final PTO meeting of the year is tomorrow 6/6 at 3:15 in the Four Corners Library.  We hope you can come!  Kids are welcome as always. Please see the agenda here: PTO Agenda June 2018.

As a part of the meeting, we will be holding elections for next year’s officers.  The positions of Secretary and VP so far have nobody running, and other positions can certainly be contested.  We hope you will consider running. We are a pretty fun and forgiving group of volunteers and we would love to have you join! Descriptions of PTO roles that went home in folders are here: PTO Officer Descriptions


PTO Election 6/6 @ 3:15


Friends, We have one more PTO meeting left. 6/6 and 3:15 in the Four Corners library

This meeting will include elections for next year’s officers, as well as discussions about how to improve upon what we are doing as we conclude one year and move on to the next.  Please come and add your voice or add your name in the hat!

Currently we have folks running for the President, Treasurer, and At-Large positions.  That leaves VP and Secretary open for the taking, and any of the aforementioned can, of course, be contested.

If you are interested in becoming and officer, please get in touch if you want to chat, or just come to the meeting and throw your name in the hat!

It is incredibly rewarding to work on something that affects our kids so directly and we hope you will consider it!


Produce Price List for 5/8 sale!

Check it out!
Please bring your own shopping bags if you can!
(List is subject to small changes.)

Avocado $1
Asparagus $3
Apples (Mac & Honey Crisp 4/$1
Bananas (Bunch) $1
Blueberries $2
Broccoli $2
Brussel Sprout Cups $2
Butter $2
Cantaloupe $2
Carrots (Baby & Reg) $1
Cauliflower $2
Celery $1
Clementines 3lb bag $3
Cucumbers ( Regular) 3/$1
Cucumbers ( Mini) $1
Garlic $1
Grapes $2
Lemons 4$/1
Mango $1
Mushrooms $1
Onions – 3 lb bag $2
Pears 4/$1
Peppers (Mini Sweet) $2
Peppers (Stop Light) $2
Pineapples $2
Pomegranates $2
Potatoe 5lb bag $2
Raspberries $2
Tomaotes (Grape) $2
Turnip $1
Salad ( Bags) $1
Squash (Butternut or Spag) $1
Squash ( Yellow) 2/$1
Strawberries $2
Watermelons $3
Yams – 3lb bag $2
Assorted Flowers $2 to $10

Produce Sale, Tuesday, May 8

What: Produce Sale in the school library, from
Where: Four Corners Library
When: Tuesday,May 8, 2:55 – 5:30 PM

  • Super fresh, high quality fruits, vegetables, and flowers
  • Dramatically discounted prices

If you plan to buy produce at a supermarket this week, be sure to check out this sale first!  It can provide significant savings on groceries. 

Parents and staff members who have taken advantage of previous sales have raved that both the quality and the prices must be seen to be believed.

Bring the kids back in at pick-up, or visit on your way home from work.

All proceeds will go toward purchasing wobble seats to be used throughout the school.