Crayola ColorCycle

Have you heard about ColorCycle?  Crayola will recycle our used up markers.  All we have to do is collect them and ship them off to Crayola (at Crayola’s expense).

Our school has participated in this program for years.  And, now we have a fancy new collection bin, created by Mr. Toomey, to highlight our participation, make it fun, and help teach students about the benefits of recycling!

Thank you, Mr. Toomey!


Box Tops Summer Prizes

We distributed prizes for summer box tops collection last week.  Students who submitted any box tops at all received a spirit stick, and students who submitted 50 or more received a notepad and pencil.  A big thank you to all!

If you or somebody you know submitted over 50 box tops but your student did not receive the appropriate prizes, please email us and we will correct the error:

Finally, please don’t forget to keep clipping those box tops.  There is a spring submission as well.  Help us beat our goal!