PTO Presents

birds of prey

PTO Presents is a monthly designated day in our school calendar when we provide extra enrichment opportunities to the students. For students this looks like special assemblies, class visitors, special projects, and more.

Having a dedicated day to do this allows us to ensure that most other days throughout the month are without interruption and follow a consistent daily schedule. Behind the scenes, these enrichment programs are also opportunities for teachers and support staff to either attend collaboration meetings as teams or attend  professional development in small groups.

9/21/18 Birds of Prey Tom Ricardi of the Massachusetts Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Center in western Massachusetts will offer close encounters with live birds of prey
10/19/18 Greenfield Fire Department Fire Safety
11/16/18 TBD
12/21/18 Read-in day
01/18/19 TBD
02/15/19 TBD
03/15/19 TBD
04/26/19 TBD
05/17/19 TBD

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