We send a lot of fliers home in your folders.  It’s one of our ways to let you know what is going on.  Every time we send you a flier, we will also post it here if we can.  That way if you lose a flier, or want to check it out while you’re out and about, it’s just a few clicks away.

2018 – 2019:


2017 – 2018:

PTO Summer 2017 Flier
Spirit Sticks
PTO Fall 2017 Flier Kindergarten
PTO Misconceptions
Lego Nijago Flyer
Hillside Pizza Announcement
DSFC Hillside Pizza Order Form
Hillside Pizza Menu
PTO Meeting Reminder and Question of the Month
PTO THANKS YOU and More to Come
Wreath Order Form
Produce Sale Flyer
Time Preferences For Events Paper Survey